When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK, One Pound Mask founder, Laurence Nair-Price, looked at how he could help and decided to utilise the supply chain already in use by his global hotel furnishings business which helped him procure face masks for the British public.

There were a few key principles that were important to Laurence in making this work:

  • Sold at a fair price - too many unscrupulous sellers were already taking advantage of the situation and that didn't sit well
  • Procured without impacting the UK Healthcare Services - the frontline workers need to be first to have access to protective equipment
  • Reasonable delivery times - it made little sense to make people wait for weeks to get the protective equipment they needed 
  • Capped order quantities - preventing volume buying and helping keep a wide distribution meant that all orders are limited to five masks per order
As people start to go back to work, One Pound Mask wants those who believe in the benefit of facemasks to be able to get the reassurance they need without paying over the odds. we are here to help.